Performance tracking


We believe that transparency and no long term contracts keeps working relationships healthier and more enjoyable.

Analytics adds transparency to AdLab that we enjoy. Numbers don't lie. You love this. We love this. It keeps our #1 focus on producing results for you month after month, year after year.

We also have call tracking abilities that allow us to see exactly how users found your number as well as recording phone calls. You will have access to those call recordings to provide training to new hires or to listen in on how your current staff handles clients on the phone.

This isn’t just analytics and call tracking. It’s truly a super power to know where people are finding you.

Why does it matter?

Because, “we can't manage what we can’t measure”. So how do you know when you have found an effective marketing company you can grow with? The answer… when they are willing to be transparent with you so that integrity and trust can carry the relationship through the victories to come. There is a time in every strategy when pivots an adjustments must be made and that is where trust comes in. Analytics and call tracking provides both parties with that insight and ability to trust

How do you know we are doing what we say we are going to do? In most cases you don’t, and that’s something about our industry that we don’t subscribe to. We know that tracking as much as possible without putting too much weight on the systems is essential to keeping our industry honest.

If we aren’t willing to show you everything, then who will be? It’s our duty and moral obligation.

How does it work

When we refer to Analytics we are referencing multiple systems that we use to track the results of our marketing and web design.

We can see how many people are coming to your website everyday, who is leaving and who is taking action.

Analytics and tracking shows us where users came from before finding your site.

A few of the platforms they tend to come from are:

  • facebook
  • google
  • google maps
  • instagram
  • yelp
  • and so many more

And we can see all of this data...

Which means you can see all of that because we make this information available to you on an external dashboard that you can access at any time.

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