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Google, Bing, and Yahoo are massive search engines being used everyday. And they LOVE content. Written content on your website. Video content on youtube. And photo content on your social media or website.

These search engines are sorting through this content everyday and choosing who is relevant to their industry and they keywords that your potential patients are searching for everyday in your city as well as the cities surrounding your location.

So why do Blogs matter? Because they are written content that can spark up various angles on the same topics. They can include details that you wouldn’t include on the service pages where you talk about your treatments.

These can be interviews, conversation, news & updates, frequently asked questions, or any topic that you choose to go deeper on.

All of this creates new keyword combinations, sentence structures and custom original content that shows google that your website is relevant

Once they know you’re relevant to your industry, those keywords embedded throughout your content, and your local cities then they begin to show your content more often to brand new people searching for those keywords in or around your area.

This is solid piece of a great SEO strategy

How We Help

We have professional content writers produce blog articles on behalf of your practice every single month. Using keywords selected with you in our early on meetings our content writers produce blogs that are geared towards getting that content read by google, showing them that you are an active business who is still focused on providing your clients

When you give quality content to google, and they get to serve it to their user base, and their user base is happy. Then everyone wins.

Your only job is to review them to make sure it fits your brand and to verify that the information is medically accurate.

These won’t match the status of a medical research paper. Instead they are designed to pull in new traffic that turns into consultations, which turns into your patients.

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