The History of AdLab

Nearly three years ago, our founders had the idea of starting a digital marketing agency to help local business owners scale their business through the most powerful platforms in the digital world. At the time, even though AdLab stood for Advertising Laboratory, it was before there was any intention of working within the medical industry. After working with a few practices and having very strong results, we decided to go full force into tailoring our services for the medical industry. Since then, we have started working with medical spas and practices across the country and have not looked back.


For us, this is only the start. We would like to consistently expand our company and grow to be known across the nation as marketers in the medical industry who constantly surpass their client's expectations. Although we desire to grow, the quality of our services for our clients is our highest priority, so we only take on new clients when we know we can give them 100% of what they deserve.

We've entered an industry where most medical spas and practices have had a very negative experience with their past marketer. Whether they didn't do what they promised they would or simply thought they were doing the right thing but didn't get the results, it leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Not only does that waste money, but more importantly it wastes time that you can not buy back. Finding the right team can be hard, but once you do, it can be one of the largest factors in your growth. We are driven to change how these practices feel towards using the digital space to grow their business, one office at a time.


We Specialize In Medical Spas & Practices

Do we go to a chiropractor for Botox? This same idea applies to the marketing world. A general marketing company can't compete with agencies serving this industry every single day.

Exceeding Expectations

The medical industry has an epidemic of marketers who sell but don't deliver. We make sure to over-fulfill for each client to make sure they never have that experience again.

We Care

Once you become a client, you become a part of the AdLab family. We give every client the dedication and time they need, because we truly want them to grow. If our clients win, we win too.

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