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We all have them. Hundreds if not thousands of emails in our inbox or spam just waiting to be sorted or deleted. It’s not something any of us particularly enjoy but there are the select few emails we are looking for.

Beyond our communications with other users via email we do get excitement or value out of a few key brands that we decide to ‘let in’ to our inbox. We open almost all of them, or at least keep them to look at later.

Email isn’t completely dead. In fact it can and should be an active way for you to touch base with your clients or inform them of news, events, or promotions. Social Media is another great way to keep your clients engaged but with the way that algorithms work, there is now way to guarantee that everyone will see your post

You can run paid social media PPC ads as well but that is another strategy entirely.

Time Tested

Email Marketing may be THE oldest form of digital methods of reaching your clients. It’s like having a home mailing address. As long as you have it and they use it, you have a chance at reaching them to pass along valuable information they will use or share with friends.

You are most likely already using some basic features

By setting up emails that are triggered upon certain automation events, like a brand new patient entering your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. Their account is created and if setup properly our software can be triggered to send out an email at a date/time that we collectively decide is appropriate.

They may arrive home after their free consultation at your office to find a welcome email that gives them a discount or incentive to refer a friend

These are some examples of simple strategies to use in your

What We Do

Although we are still building out our systems to build these Email Automations for our clients. So it’s always worth us taking a look at which EMR system you use, whether it’s cloud based or downloaded on your local desktop computer, which email software you’re using (like Constant Contact, MailChimp, SendLane, etc.), and more.

When we determine that we can make these systems talk then we build out these systems and processes for you. Specific email sequences are setup and we show you how to use these systems so that you can change them at any time.

Our Recommendations

We recommend getting in touch with us so we can determine if we can provide the highest quality service for you in this area. On occasion we do choose to turn down Email Marketing Automations if we don’t believe that we can get you the results you’re looking for!

To find out if we can help you give us a call or send us a message from our Contact Page

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