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What is Local Marketing?

Local marketing consists of different strategies used in combination to help a local business get in front of the customers who are already searching for the treatment your facility provides at your brick-n-mortar location.

These strategies include:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Review Management
  • Social Media
  • Citations
  • Website Optimization (On-site and Off-site)
  • Use of what we call City Pages
  • Blogs
  • And more

Local Tip to Get Found Faster

Getting more 5 star reviews and reducing negative reviews can be a quick way to generate new business since your community uses reviews to shop for services every single day.

There are 2 options for growing your reviews online:

1. DONE FOR YOU: We can run review management systems for you, using our experience and skilled teams to get you more high quality reviews faster

2.DO IT YOURSELF: or we can teach you how to run them yourself (DIY) using a virtual Free Digital Video Course that we can provide when you subscribe to our software (this one has massive cost savings and the instructional videos can train your internal team how to setup the systems in less than 7 days)

What are the benefits?

The benefits of local marketing is gaining market share over your competitors. Either you are going to take over more of the market, or one of your competitors will. It’s not a question if it works. It’s a question of who is going to invest in local marketing to get found online in your area.

Another important benefit is boosting your reputation, which acts like a snowball. The more quality reviews you get, the closer you are to surpassing the # and rating of reviews your competitors have. If you can get ahead in the review race then you will notice a shift in customers. People love choosing the most highly recommended place. So why couldn’t that be you? And if it’s not you, then let’s work on that. Get in touch with us for a Free Consultation. It’ll only be an investment of 10-15 minutes which will give you more information about your current reputation status than you have now.

How It Works

We use the marketing strategies above to get you in front of the customers in your community. With that exposure you gain more patients, and with more patients you gain more reviews. With more reviews you gain a high quality reputation and status. With that status you become a magnet for new customers and the cycle repeats. The farther ahead you get, the harder it is to catch you. All while the other marketing strategies are building credibility and momentum elsewhere. It’s a holistic approach that uses multiple machines together to churn results long term. This is what marketing is all about

Which package is recommended for local marketing?

The most commonly recommended package for Local Marketing is our ‘Investment Package’ . It’s designed to have the different elements to focus on getting you more patients for you practice in and around your city. We have specially formulated this solution to be for medical spas and aesthetic practices to help them grow their search traffic, generate phone calls and emails, as well as book more consultations.


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