It’s rare for us to recommend this marketing package for any practice looking to grow revenue and the number of patients. The main reason we offer this is for practices who are a) very young and attempting to build their revenue b) are in a really tight spot and can’t afford our recommended package or c) aren’t allocating the 5-8% of revenue to marketing efforts. We highly recommend starting with the Investment Package!

If a med spa must go with this digital marketing package, then it will do the basics of providing some SEO, Local Marketing, and Reviews. It's more of a partial strategy where we can substitute out different services to get as many of the vital ones as possible.

There's no way around it, this package will be lacking in terms of a robust marketing system that works together. And as a medical practice, this is what helps you consistently grow. In other words. This basic bundle is only in case of an emergency!

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Some SEO, some website optimization, a little bit of local marketing, and a taste of review management

We most often see the Investment Package utilized very effectively by the average Medical Spa or Practice

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