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Google Ads are the #1 way to get to the top of page 1 of google. Not many local businesses know this, but it’s absolutely true.

Although a high percentage of internet users will skip right over the ads and go to the organic search results, what’s interesting is there’s the other percentage that doesn’t. With PPC (Pay Per Click) you only pay for the clicks that you receive through google advertising. Which means that even though a slightly lower percentage does click on ads, there is a high enough percentage to give you business as soon as we turn them on.

In contrast with SEO, which takes time to get on googles good side, paid advertising can happen very quickly.

It’s often our recommendation to start SEO and google ads at the same time so that ads can bring in immediate traffic and new patients, while the SEO results are building. . By the time the SEO has started doing it’s job, you will have a dual part strategy that works together, creating an every increasing web presence.

Why not be #1 at the top of google by using paid ads, and then be on the first page of google organically with SEO. It’s a winning strategy all the way.

Now let’s talk about social media ads, like facebook and instagram.

Social Media Paid Advertising (PPC)

Everyone is talking about social media right now as the best way to get your leads and customers. So let’s talk about it.

Facebook and Instagram for booking more treatments -this is an excellent way to use paid advertising in conjunction with out organic strategies. Relying on this alone is not a solid strategy because the platforms are constantly changing. One of the best ways to use social media marketing is to actual marketing offers and incentives to your existing client database that you have in your EMR. This is an advanced strategy and is very different from ‘boosting a post’ from your facebook or instagram profile

-since Facebook owns instagram we can market to both directly from a special platform that Facebook provides to marketing agencies

Youtube for getting more exposure

-youtube is another great platform to target your local area. We recommend this as a later strategy and some companies we find that there is never a need to go there when SEO and google ads are active, but it is a strategy we mention regardless

Paid Advertising Is Just One Option

It’s best to think of different approaches to marketing as tools. There is a time and a place to use paid advertising, and there is a time and a place to focus strictly on organic advertising. What we have found to be extremely effective is to use both together to hold up the weak points of the other. There are pros and cons to both and they naturally fill the cons in each other. So planning to have a specific budget of gross revenue set aside for marketing for your marketing ensures that you remain willing to invest in your practice long term.

As you know in business there are no guarantees. And just like you can’t rely solely on referrals to keep your time slots booked, neither is it best to rely on only one marketing strategy. That doesn’t mean focusing on every possible marketing strategy is a good idea either. Everything in moderation.

To see what marketing strategies may be right for you, or for a free deep marketing report, feel free to leave your contact information below and we will get back to you to help you in anyway that you’d like

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