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Even though terms like SEO, paid ads, and social media strategies are commonly thrown around, how much do you really know about them?

Having a strong understanding of what is out there will give you an upper hand when it comes to dominating your local online space.

Don't wait for your competitors to take action first, arm yourself with knowledge by downloading our free eBook!

What will you get from reading this eBook?

  • A strong understanding of the different types of marketing.
  • The abillity to determine what elements fit into your business right now.
  • How to take action and start getting more patients from the internet.

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How much should you be
investing in your digital marketing?

The United States Small Business Administration suggests a rate of at least 7 to 8% of gross revenues should be used towards your medical practice marketing budget per month. Half of that is recommended to focus on digital marketing efforts.

Use this calculator to see how much you could be investing now in order to generate a return and future growth of your company!

=Your immediate 'Return On Investment.' Doesn't include LTV

Quick 'Return on
Investment' Calculator

Here is a simple and effective way to calculate your digital marketing returns for your medical office. In small business we've all heard that it's not about how much you make in gross revenue that matters but rather how much you keep in profits. So are you profitable enough when factoring in how much your marketing costs vs how much it's making you in current or future returns?

Not all marketing is an investment. Double-check yours here!

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