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Statistics say that 85% of people trust an online review just as much as their friends word. The internet has become your living referral system that can win you new business or hurt your chances to compete in your community.

Most offices don’t like asking for reviews because they are concerned that:

  • It can make the client feel uncomfortable or bothered
  • It can ruin the positive experience
  • It can make the practice look needy
  • Or it just plain feels wrong

But everyone agrees that reviews are vital to how consumers are shopping online every single day. So what’s the solution?

We’ve partnered with an advanced software that takes away all of those unnecessary feelings of discomfort.

This software can:

  • -keep negative feedback from making it to google, facebook, yellow pages and more
  • -gather real reviews from your clients
  • -give you real feedback from past clients who stopped showing up
  • -start increasing your reviews on the platforms that need it the most

Currently we see a trend of low google reviews, and some offices are absolutely cashing in on this strategy right now. It’s such a good time to have a review management system in place

Let's Take It A Step Further

So what is review management? It is the act of setting up systems to reach out to your existing client base to generate feedback and real reviews from them. Their unique insight can transform your practice by learning the thoughts of your clients. Sometimes there are things that they have never shared.

This is one of many ways your patients are looking for your business today. And their #1 focus is on your reviews. Because other people’s feedback of your brand matters

On occasion you will be shocked and surprised. In other cases you will be thrilled. Either way it always leads to an increased awareness of how your company looks from an outside perspective, all while also gathering these positive reviews that are earning your more business.

If you are confident that your office is providing an excellent customer experience then your clients can’t wait to share their feedback.

If you are unsure of how your clients feel about your practice then this is the perfect opportunity to find out how they feel


We use the secure data you have been collecting from your customers and we upload it into a HIPAA secure environment where we can reach these patients with a simple email or text message asking them for their feedback.

By this time we have all received these messages, and we are very aware that we want to approach this with care in order to respect your patients personal space.

They are then guided through a simple process that gives them the option to select one of the following faces:

If they click the Happy face, it takes them to the following screen to select their most used platforms to leave a review on. Our software also detects which platforms they are already signed into and takes them direct, which helps to smoothen the process from start to finish

Negative feedback is inevitable. Sometimes it reveals a perspective on our business that enables us to learn from and enhance our overall customer experience, which in turn has a positive ROI in and of itself.

Review Management is a very important tool to help local medical spas and aesthetics build their reputation on google maps and local pack in a short amount of time. This is now a cornerstone to all online strategies moving foward.

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