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What everyone is saying

“You should be on Tik Tok!” Have you heard this yet? If not, get prepared to.

Social Media is amazing and it has greatly increased the levels of access and connection we have with the world on both a personal and business basis. The tools coming out are incredible and the social reach for local businesses is unheard of. But before we get carried away, let’s ask the question….”should you be on all platforms?”

The answer is a frustrating, “It depends”

Since each local medical spa and practice has it’s own unique blueprint, set of resources, staff, location and skills there is not one answer that fits all. But rest assured that we can give you some advice.

And if you’re really looking to learn more then of course reach out to us and we will help you navigate what can work for you!

Let’s talk about some myths and truths before we get into what we do for local Medical Offices and their social media account management

Is your team burning out on Social?

It is a misconception that your practice should be on all platforms. For some larger offices with the budget to handle the acivity level on all platforms, it’s highly recommended to be present. This is the exception and whle we do service those clients it is important to note that that average Medical Spa, Aesthetic Practice, and other Medical Office locations don’t use the level of budget it takes.

So do you need to be on all platforms to be successful? No. If your strategy is well put together and focused on a platform or two where your target client hangs out then there’s plenty to work with.

Again, this should be approached as a unique situation because it is. We highly recommend seeking advice by sharing the details of your practice so that a well groomed agency can give you the accurate gameplan.

Some simple truths:

Social Media is powerful. There has never been a way to give a business the living personality that a good social media strategy can create. We highly recommend being on at least one platform where your ideal clients hangout and showing transparency in your space, office decor, and staff personalities.

While other marketing brings in patients, social media is a great way to retain them by creating an engaging community feel.

It is also true that your offline, in-person feel of your office will affect how engaged your community is on social. So keep this in mind if you’re currently thinking that social media will solve the internal issues in your practice.

What We Do

When building a social media strategy we focus on using content that you have already created in the past or are willing to get created to start creating the brand feel that we all agree on. By creating content calendars, planning posts ahead of time, and engaging with your audience in your very own tone of voice we become an extension of what you’d like to portray through social.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how you would like to be branded on platforms like instagram, facebook, or twitter. We work with you to discover these motivations and move forward only when we’re ready.

For more information on how we approach social for Med Spas, Medical Practices, or Local Businesses simply give us a call or send us a message from our simply give us a call or send us a message by clicking the button below!

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