Great Work Starts With Great People

Having an innovative and creative company culture is huge for us. We know that if we continue to fill our team with people who love what they do and desire to grow, they will be able to also give our client’s their all. Every single member of our team is essential to keeping our agency performing like a well-oiled machine.

Chasen Gersh – Co Owner

Being in the marketing industry for over 6 years, Chasen has dedicated his professional life to learning the most effective forms of marketing while working with different teams and handling millions of dollars worth of ad budget for different businesses over the years.  After coming together with Spencer, they both had the ambition of starting their own business where they can help other businesses grow while also having the freedom to travel the world and explore new cultures. When Chasen isn’t working, you can find him training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, trying new cooking recipes and traveling to new experiences.

Spencer Wight – Co Owner

A business builder at heart, Spencer became fascinated with constructing companies from an early age. Starting his first business at just 17 he employed many of his friends over the years. After falling into marketing 5 years ago he went on to build multiple small businesses in different cities and used those experiences to live and travel in other countries around the world. Crossing paths with Chasen years back he saw the opportunity to start a new project which has transformed into something truly inspiring. If Spencer is out of the office, you’ll find him immersed in nature, exploring new worlds, comitted to a quality book, pushing limits in extreme sports like surfing and motocross, or at events that foster personal growth and relationships.

Tracy – Team Coordinator


With a fast-growing team comes the need for an exceptional coordinator. Tracy keeps her eye’s on our team’s moves and makes sure nothing slips through the cracks. Tracy is also a licensed personal trainer and loves learning more about business as she pursues higher education, recently fulfilling her Master’s Degree in Marketing.

Niki – Social Media Specialist


Niki is a creative superstar and has an eye when it comes to organic strategies on social media. Just like Google, Social Media platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, and she is committed to staying on top of what works. When it comes to Niki, if we can’t find her, she’s most likely at the beach soaking in the sun.

Owen – Business Development


A business can’t grow effectively if they don’t have someone constantly making new relationships in their industry. We take a “the more people we help, the more we will grow” approach when it comes to expanding our business, so Owen spends his time giving practices marketing tips they can act on right away to help get more patients online. Not only is Owen great with people, but he also excels at Rugby and Golf in his past times. If you find your self on his opposing rugby team, you may want to run the other way…

Josh – Website Design & Development


Josh has always gravitated towards technology and computers when it came to his career. This made him a great candidate for learning the different aspects of bringing a new website to life. Not only is there a technical side when it comes to websites, but you must also have a strong understanding of human psychology to know where things need to go cosmetically to increase the number of conversions it will get. Josh holds two records, being the best out of our team on the BBQ and watching more NBA games than any other fan out there.

Gabe – Lead Generation & Funnels Specialist


Gabe is a natural when it comes to creating online sales funnels that convert new patients. Understanding how a marketing strategy or landing page should be structured to increase the number of results is one of the keys to having a strong return on investment. It’s hard to catch Gabe when he isn’t studying the newest marketing strategies online, but when he gets away from the computer it’s because it is the perfect time for the beach and surfing.

Value & Culture

Even though we love having fun, we are dedicated to giving each of our clients our best. This start with having a team that not only functions well together but simply enjoys what they do and the environment they do it in. Our end goal is to have great client relationships with transparent marketing, strong communication, and even stronger results.
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