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Wouldn’t it be great if we could do something one time on the internet and it would stay that way forever? We would LOVE that to be true. In our world we see Medical Spas and Aesthetic Centers having to redo their website every few years. Honestly this isn’t necessary when it’s done with the right foundation. In some cases because it’s just not necessary for some of these sites to be redone. But in other scenarios it’s because those sites can do pretty well as long as they have the main elements to convert more traffic while looking aesthetically pleasing.

So what are we talking about here?

Websites affect 100% of your online marketing

We are a marketing company first. We actually used to turn down websites for many reasons, but primarily because we don’t absolutely love doing them. We’re good at it, don’t get us wrong, but at the end of the day we eat, sleep, and breathe digital marketing.

When we began to see issues with the average website a few years back we sought out web designers that could fix those fundamental problems so that we can have a partner to refer all of our high quality clients to. We tried multiple options and after years we decided that the only way it would get done to our elevated standard is if we do it ourselves.

Our Web Design department at AdLab Marketing was born.

We knew how important it is to get the raw elements of a website right in order to help our clients earn more business from the cold markets that they wish to turn into warm relationships. In other words, to help Aesthetic Centers get more patients using our marketing, we needed the websites to be able to:

  • Meet the high standards of search engines like google
  • Have ways to convert the traffic that we were sending using digital marketing
  • Have intuitive flow that will retain potential patients on the site as long as possible, therefore boosting ratings within google
  • Have clean coding on the backend of the site, so that it wasn’t just another low quality duplicate ‘Theme’ being purchased and then retrofitted to look like a custom website
  • Ways to collect customer data so that they can be reached at a later time
  • Have all of the services on their own dedicated webpage so that it wasn’t confusing google with too many topics on one single page

Quick Tip:

The social media links should actually not be on the top of your website. This gives new users a way to leave your site immediately, before they have scrolled down the page to learn more about your practice.

See some of our websites here:

Statistic: Mobile phone internet user penetration worldwide from 2014 to 2019 | Statista
Find more statistics at StatistaHere are some statistics on mobile device use in the United States:

The Solution

We build custom websites that google and the search engines love. They tend to organically promote sites that are custom coded and not built on website templates. This is a best practice that can lead to big results when the marketing systems are turned on.

Another aspect of modern websites that perform well is the ability to adapt to different screen sizes. These are known as responsive websites and are a fundamental part of a good strategy. Your website traffic will be coming from all different types of electronic devices. So let’s make sure they can all navigate your site well and do what they came here to do! Learn more about treatments that can help them get the aesthetic or feeling they desire.

Paying extra attention to how your website is showing up on mobile devices is a critical step since 80% of potential patients will be finding your website on an iphone or android phone.

Optimizing Your Website to Actually Bring in New Patients

Most companies don’t talk about the ROI of a website designed with purpose. They focus on selling points but leave out important details like essential elements to put on the front page of the website.

Adding in tidbits of education is a great way to keep new users engaged and to begin building the Know, Like, Trust stages of the sales cycle. Once they get to learn more about you and your credibility, they begin to know who you are and what you do. Your target clients begin to develop an affinity for you. Now they like you. Which leads to trust, and trust leads to new repeat patients!

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