Like many marketing agencies we started our journey as a generalist servicing local small businesses by helping them get found online, which in turn grew their revenue.

Through referrals, we ended up working with an Aesthetics Office that was seeing great results through our marketing efforts. Through additional referrals, we grew the medical practice side of our business until it dwarfed our general small business clients. We were really enjoying working and building relationships in the medical industries.

The more we learned about the med spa + aesthetics industry the more we noticed that medical spas were starting to catch on and so we officially decided to help this industry blossom into something special.

According to associations, like AmSpa (American Medical Spa Association), the industry is in a huge growth spurt. It’s a perfect time to be a doctor with your roots set deep in aesthetics or transitioning to hormone therapy, weight loss, and other procedures right now!

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Industry Insight


This infographic provided by the American Med Spa Association shows the industry trends all the way through 2022. They are one of the largest associations involved in putting on large conferences for doctors. As you can see the highest concentration of med spas is in Texas, California, and Florida!

Solutions Catered to Medical Spas

After falling in love with the process and working alongside prestigious doctors we decided to rebrand and gear all of our solutions 100% to the industry. Our teams are groomed and focused on providing high-quality services and communication specifically for med spas, aesthetics centers, medical practices, and centers treating or enhancing their patients.


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Even though terms like SEO, paid ads, and social media strategies are commonly thrown around, how much do you really know about them?

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